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Idiomas para Reubicación

Language Trainers ofrece cursos expertos para gente de negocios y familias que necesitan mudarse por trabajo.

If learning a new language is an essential part of your new job, get in touch or tell your HR Manager or Relocation Consultant to contact us so we can tell you how we would ensure you develop the necessary language skills to function and excel in your new location.

Learn Before You Go
If you have a reasonable time period before relocating abroad, we can arrange a series of one-to-one/small group lessons before your departure. Your native speaker trainer can be sent to your home or office to suit your requirements. We can also arrange language tutoring to prepare your spouse and/or children for their new life and new school overseas.

Learn After You Arrive
Relocation isn’t always planned long in advance. If this is the case, let Language Trainers arrange training for you and your family once you arrive. With our courses, you have the comfort of knowing everything is arranged before you leave, so you can even start learning as soon as you arrive, with an English-speaking trainer who knows about your precise needs.

Before You Go & After You Arrive
This is our most popular option, as you and your family can learn the basics of the language before leaving and move on to a higher level once immersed in the language and culture. As part of our service, we ensure full communication between your two trainers (before you move and after you arrive) to make sure there is no unnecessary repetition of content and that the second trainer is equally suited to your needs. We can also organize language tuition for your spouse and/or children to prepare them for their new life overseas.

Let us know when you make a quick inquiry that you are going to be relocating and how soon you plan to move and of course feel free to ask any other questions you have that are not covered here.

Estudio de Casos de Clientes

“Ya he recomendado Language Trainers a al menos una decena de personas desde que empecé el programa”

James Wolf Curso de Francés en Amsterdam